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About the UK Seas Project

More than 20% of UK waters are designated as key areas for protection, known as Marine Protected Areas, or MPAs. They work by creating a safe place for nature, giving it a chance to recover from past damage and thrive again. But for these MPAs to really work, we need them to be well-managed – where activities like tourism or fishing can happen in a sustainable way. 

Now is the time to take a fresh look at how we coordinate the management of these areas, recognising that decisions made in one place have consequences elsewhere.

To protect the marine environment, we need:

  • A better understanding of our seas and oceans and what they do for us 
  • The marine community to be involved in shaping and delivering management
  • New funding opportunities for planning and delivering the management  of our seas

The UK SEAS project is working to develop the right protection and management for our seas, to secure a future for important industries, communities and nature. 

Keith Hiscock